Want to learn to kitesurf in Tarifa?


Why learning with KTS Tarifa?

  • We teach kitesurfing since 2002 en Tarifa
  • We are affiliated IKO center (in the course it’s included the certification with the adquired level), moreover than instructor training center
  • Our center is recognized by the FAV (Federación Andaluza de Vela)
  • We offer a personalized service within need and experience of every person


Which type of class?

The private course is recommended for students who require special attention from the instructor (for instance children) or for who is looking for learning something very specific (for example transition, trick, self landing, self launching).

The type of class more popular is the semiprivate: one instructor to be shared between 2 students of similar level, each student with a complete set of equipment (without sharing the kite).

We advise the group class for families or group of friends coming together who want to discover the kitesurf. In this type of course the instructor teaches 4 people using two sets of equipment (two kites) and the students share the kite.


When asking for rental with supervision?

If you have the IKO level 3K you can choose a rental with supervision with one of our instructors who already are teaching on the beach. This option is dedicated to people who are starting to ride but still don’t have the complete confidence to be independent kitesurfers.

In this case the price is 75€ for 3h.


    PRICE LIST Kitesurf Courses per person:

    1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days
    Private: 1 instructor, 1 student 120 € (2h) 230 € (4h) 325 € (6h) 395 € (8h)
    Semiprivate: 1 instructor, 2 kites 105 € (3h) 210 € (6h) 315 € (9h)

    395 € (12h)


    Group*: 1 instructor, 1 kite to share between 2 students 70 € (3h) 135 € (6h) 195 € (9h) 250 € (12h)

    * For group of 4 people

    20% discount if you use your own kit

    10% for groups or families of 6 people or more.


    We offer also hydro foil personalized courses according to your needs. We advice you one / few hours in private class. 

    Which other best way to try this new sport in all safety, if not with the supervision of an experienced instructor?

    Contact with us if you want more information!




    • Accident & Liability Insurance
    • Full Equipment Hire (kite & bar, board, wetsuit, harness, buoyancy aid, helmet).
    • IKO certification.
    • Rescue boat service.
    • Beach transfers if you don’t have your own car.
    • If you require a more personalised service or want to learn in a shorter time we also offer semi private and private lessons.