Situated on the Straits of Gibraltar, at the southern most point of Europe, Tairfa is just 15km from the coast of Morocco.

It is well known as the “Wind capital of Europe” because of the huge amount of windy days every year. The Levante is the East wind and is generally the stronger wind. The West wind is called the Poniente which is normally a more consistent and lighter wind.

Added to the incredible wind are the huge open beaches of fine golden sand which make kitesurfing safe and accessible for all and the incredible climate which means you can can kitesurf all year round. Truly making this the kitesurfing capitol of the world.


There are 3 main spots in Tarifa for kitesurfing known as:

  • The Football Stadium/Campo de fútbol (La Jaima)
  • Los Lances
  • Punta Paloma (Valdevaqueros)