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IKO Courses at KTS Tarifa, Spain

You want to become an IKO certified kitesurfing instructor and preferably learn in Tarifa, Spain? You have come to the right place, KTS is the official IKO partner in Tarifa. Read more about what is expected form you and when you can start!

Because of your motivation for the kite and the will to share your passion and your knowledge with others, IKO offers you the chance to be trained as an instructor and make your passion a job.

IKO offers a reliable and professional training. You get your degree IKO instructor attending the course (ITC) that lasts 5 days. The training is based on effective methods for teaching kitesurfing. The title is recognised in international education standards of the sport.

After finishing the course you will have developed skills in the following fields:

  • Security
  • Practicality
  • Analysis
  • Techniques
  • educational psychology
  • real cases


AITC – Training as assistant instructors is a great opportunity to gain experience and prepare for a career, or simply discover what is the job of instructor. Learn more about equipment, how to adjust it and use it correctly, the safety principles and more.

Duration: 3 days.

Price: 200€


IEC – The equivalency course is an accelerated version of the ITC course that allows instructors certified by PASA (USA) and BKSA (GB) instructors to become IKO instructors.

Duration: 5 days.

Price: 450€


ITC – Instructor training course is a intensive program designed to train candidates as instructors and train them to be IKO instructor.

Duration: 5 día.

Price: 680€


MFA – First aid course. Before each ITC, candidates need to have accreditation instructors of CPR / First aid in order to acting against a emergency situation.

Duration: 1 day.

Price: 70€



Shadowing consists of completing hours of practice with other IKO level 2 instructors to acquire the enough experience to be an independent monitor.

Duration: according to the needs of each person.

Price: 0€

IKO Course 2017 dates


  • 17-21 March AITC Plus / 22-26 March ITC (Español)
  • 21-25 April AITC Plus / 26-30 April ITC (Español)
  • 12-16 May AITC Plus / 17-21 May ITC (English)
  • 26-30 May AITC Plus / 31-4 June ITC (Español)
  • 23-27 June AITC Plus / 28-2 July ITC (English)
  • 7-11 July AITC Plus / 12-16 July ITC (Español)
  • 21-25 July AITC Plus / 26-30 July ITC(English)
  • 1-5 September AITC Plus/ 6-10 September ITC (Español)
  • 0-15 September AITC Plus / 16-20 September ITC (English) 
  • 22 March (Español)
  • 26 April (Español)
  • 17 May (English)
  • 31 May (Español)
  • 28 June (English)
  • 12 July (Español)
  • 26 July (English)
  • 6 September (Español)
  • 16 September (English)

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